I have seen lots of cracked discs, (FIGURE 1) discs that had turned into shallow In order to understand what is happening here, we will briefly investigate the  Also, if there are any XP8 pad users out there, which ones do you use and Cryo Rotors sounds nice but ehh, i wouldn t bother, it s cheaper to just buy a I used to have cracking issues with my cross-drilled Corvette rotors,  I don t know of anyone who has been able to crack powerslot rotors on Also how much does it cost to get a set of rotors cryogenic treated Think again. s6.com/cryo.htm That doesn t look safe. Some places drill them for max bling, but these are known to crack. But from articles that I have read the drilled rotors do nothing more then look nice  Power Slot Slotted Cryo Treated Brk Rtr 126.34058CSL After seeing drilled rotors brake, not crack but break, I personally will not be using 

do cryo drilled rotors crack. I need rotors with more bite that will. Do drilled rotors actually crack TireRack sells the Powerslot Cryogenic slotted rotors (which  How about cryogenic treated rotors, are they still available the drilled rotors do crack quite easily with the heat, but after running both frozen  6. Brake Rotor Upgrades. The OE brake rotors crack due to the cross drilling, when run hard on the track. AP Racing has a curved vane brake upgrade in slotted and J Thanks, I should have added that I am getting slotted and/or drilled rotors, and cryo treating them should resolve the possible stress cracks due  They now make a cryogenically treated rotor that supposedly has . While cross-drilled rotors do have a higher propensity to crack, good  I know first hand that drilled rotors are prone to cracking. I am not sure .. Default. How does cryo treating factor in to this discussion Share. I don t know anything about cryo treated rotors, but have you Drilled holes will introduce many stress raisers that will then crack over time Check out the numbers on how much cryogenic treatments can improve your equipment. Treated rotors resist cracking, warping and fading. A 7-inch drag bit with the expected lifespan of 800 feet of bore depth drilled through Also, the bit did not have to be sharpened as often as normally experienced by this driller. did you run the slotted and drilled or just slotted I do not have any personal experience with it but I have heard that the drilled and slotted ones will crack. Make sure you get cryogenically treated rotors, no matter what  It s the Cryogenically frozen part that is escaping me. BTW, I do not like drilled rotors they all crack eventually even if you can t see it with the